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22 Apr 2018
Salvation Is An Act Of Love
Contrary to popular belief, nobody is saved by merely believing that Christ did it all for them on the cross. That is a deception and a lie, that has been spread throughout the halfway house (church) over the years, by false teachers and the lukewarm, who are not led by the spirit of God but by the spirit of the flesh. To understand what the crucifixion was truly all about, you need to have the eternal perspective, of the nature of... Read more
19 Apr 2018
True Love Burns Brightly
Have you ever had that burning, passionate love for someone? Not a burning lust, that many wrongfully interpret as love, but a sense of overwhelming, true love, where you just want to spend every moment of every day with them and shower them with adoration? If you haven't, then you'll find it difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend what I have to say. That's the presence of the God of true love and the passion Christ has for us,... Read more
18 Apr 2018
To Live For God, Is To Live For Love
The proud man's/woman's heart is coldly calculating, selfish, deceiving, ambitious and negative (evil) in intent. Guided by the instinctual lust, fear for survival, desire for creature comforts, power and prestige of the flesh, it darkens and misleads all his/her thoughts, words and deeds, and puffs up his/her chest with the hot air of vanity, sense of his/her own glory, violent threats and empty promises, and causes him/her to hiss... Read more
18 Apr 2018
Oh Joy! Rapture!
I've mentioned how the Holy Spirit, is the community spirit of heaven and if you've read my other posts, you'd know that I've spent the past 27 years of my life, delivering the good news of God's eternal presence, realm and reality of absolute, undying, true love and majestic virtuousness, and the invitation He gave me to deliver, when His divine presence came upon me in absolute, supernatural power and glory, and He revealed His plan... Read more
18 Apr 2018
The Best Judge Of Character
I have had the absolute honor and pleasure of spending time with Immanuel (Yeshua Ben Joseph - Jesus) in the kingdom of God. So let me tell you about the Jesus I know and what He is really like. You won't find a man anywhere, who is more full of true loving kindness and absolute virtue, than the Lord of heaven. He is the perfect gentleman at all times and the epitome of true humility and grace. He is absolutely humble, peaceful,... Read more
18 Apr 2018
Conducive Isocracy
I've talked about how heaven is the ideal of civilisation and how the kingdom is within, because God planted the dream of it within everyone's heart of hearts (their soul). You might ask, if that's true, then why aren't we living it? It's simple really. When we are born into the flesh, we become subject to its instinctual nature. Now you need to understand, that all spirits are natures and all natures have certain characteristics,... Read more
17 Apr 2018
The Ideal Civilisation
God doesn't want to control anyone. He gave us free will so we would be creative in our art. All He wants, is for us to absolutely surrender to His divine nature of absolute, true love and live according to His divine nature's characteristics of absolute, majestic virtuousness, and be absolutely civil to one another, like perfect gentlemen and gentlewomen. Look at the world around you. You know it's much less than ideal, don't you? But... Read more
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Being purposeful is having a clear focus. Begin with a vision for what needs to be accomplished and concentrate on it. Do one thing at a time, without scattering your focus. When you are purposeful, you make things happen.

to do whatever Your hand and Your purpose determined before to be done.Acts 4:28

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