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From the desk of Jean-Baptiste Amata Gastiganto (translation: beloved host of John the Baptist), Little John for short

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2 Nov 2018
True Love Is Sometimes Tough
"Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword." Matthew 10:34 It never ceases to amaze me, just how lukewarm the halfway house (church) is, and how all the lukewarm fencesitters, are content to just sit there, going around and around in circles, with one foot in the kingdom and one in the world, wanting the best of both, and are too governed and ruled by their sinful, instinctual nature... Read more
31 Oct 2018
Who's The Best Judge Of Character?
You may know every word in "the book" of words and think you know all its mysteries. Yet that doesn't mean your name is in His book of eternal life and that you know the plot to the whole story and the greatest mystery of all, God's divine nature of absolute, undying, virtuous, true love. You may call it the kingdom of God, but to those who DWELL in His eternal presence, realm and reality, it's known as the Image-Nation of Absolute... Read more
28 Oct 2018
Clothes Don't Make The Man
Perhaps you've seen the movie "King Ralph", starring John Goodman. Hmmm.... how appropriate that name is. God sure works in mysterious, round about ways. If you haven't, it's all about a down on his luck Las Vegas entertainer, who after the entire royal family is wiped out in a freak accident, becomes the king of England. Yet naturally, Ralph had no idea what it means to be a royal. Like everyone else in the world, who only looks at... Read more
24 Oct 2018
All Talk And No Action
The parable of the fig tree is about the lukewarm, self-righteous, legalistic and religious lip servants. The fig tree is a person, who is full of all the words from the pages (leaves) of the book (knows all the scriptures), yet bears no fruit. For the fruit, is the characteristic virtuousness (righteousness) of God's divine nature of absolute, true love. They know all the "right" words and love to climb upon their soapbox and preach... Read more
24 Oct 2018
Shhh... It Happens
You'll find that I very, very rarely use such a word as this and it still confounds me, that the religiously minded, legal eagles react to it with such hissing and spitting, from their self-righteous pride, vanity and selfish ambition (ego), and get so hung up over one, little word, they totally fail to receive the message. But then, they literally only know what's written in the letter of the law (scriptures), and don't truly hear His... Read more
21 Oct 2018
Absolute Love Burns With Absolute Passion
I can testify and bear witness, that when God's divine nature (presence) comes upon you, in ABSOLUTE supernatural power and glory, you know it's Him, beyond the shadow of any doubt and your wildest imagination. For you, that is the part of you that is aware, your soul, is literally and absolutely set free of the natural mind of "the flesh" and it's an experience you'll never forget, in a million years. Now He who has prepared us for... Read more
29 Sep 2018
The Realm of True Love
Pride's a deceitful, insidious thing and its roots run far deeper than anyone is consciously aware of, deep, deep down into the subconscious mind. Coupled with vanity and selfish ambition, it forms the ego, or the instinctual awareness of the self-conscious beast of "the flesh", that leads a person to sin. It's the ego (instinctual self), that thinks there's a hierarchy to climb in God's kingdom. It blinds everyone to the truth, the... Read more
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that the older men be sober, reverent, temperate, sound in faith, in love, in patience; the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good thingsTitus 2:2-3

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