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From the desk of Jean-Baptiste Amata Gastiganto (translation: beloved host of John the Baptist), Little John for short

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24 Oct 2018
Shhh... It Happens
You'll find that I very, very rarely use such a word as this and it still confounds me, that the religiously minded, legal eagles react to it with such hissing and spitting, from their self-righteous pride, vanity and selfish ambition (ego), and get so hung up over one, little word, they totally fail to receive the message. But then, they literally only know what's written in the letter of the law (scriptures), and don't truly hear His... Read more
21 Oct 2018
Absolute Love Burns With Absolute Passion
I can testify and bear witness, that when God's divine nature (presence) comes upon you, in ABSOLUTE supernatural power and glory, you know it's Him, beyond the shadow of any doubt and your wildest imagination. For you, that is the part of you that is aware, your soul, is literally and absolutely set free of the natural mind of "the flesh" and it's an experience you'll never forget, in a million years. Now He who has prepared us for... Read more
29 Sep 2018
The Realm of True Love
Pride's a deceitful, insidious thing and its roots run far deeper than anyone is consciously aware of, deep, deep down into the subconscious mind. Coupled with vanity and selfish ambition, it forms the ego, or the instinctual awareness of the self-conscious beast of "the flesh", that leads a person to sin. It's the ego (instinctual self), that thinks there's a hierarchy to climb in God's kingdom. It blinds everyone to the truth, the... Read more
19 Sep 2018
True Love's Power Is Majestic
There's an old saying, "People seek power and they seek it in politics and religion." Many are like Simon the sorcerer (Acts 8:9-23), seeking the power of the Holy Spirit and thinking it's all about power. But the power isn't in your wanting it or THINKING you have it and absolutely, not for your own glory. The power is in the supernatural presence of God's divine nature and characteristics of absolute, undying, virtuous and majestic,... Read more
11 Aug 2018
God Be With You
I AM the homeless man, who's asking for help to get through the day, the child that pleads for their parents to stop fighting. I AM the one who asks you to say sorry and the one who asks you to forgive. I AM the one who asks you to be honest, when your instincts tell you to lie. I AM the one who asks you to show kindness and to give generously. I AM the one who seeks your cooperation and your loyalty. I AM the one who asks a friend to... Read more
1 Aug 2018
The Voice Of True Love
A message from the one, true, Great Omniscient Deity of True Love, for those who have the ears to hear... "Oh My wayward children. I talk to My roses (true lovers), you know? I sow the true love I have for you, in your heart of hearts, your soul and give it the spark of life. The spark of eternal awareness and divine inspiration, the morning star of endless dawns, so that I may watch you grow from the awareness and inspiration of My... Read more
26 Jul 2018
Harvest A Crop Of Love
The Great Omniscient Deity of absolute, undying, true love sows the seed of your soul, your little spark of eternal awareness and divine inspiration, the morning star of endless dawns, in the body of your flesh, before you are born and guess what? Every body has one, whether they know it or not, believe it or not, like it or not. He calls it, the heart of hearts and when He first gives birth to it, in the supernatural, He breathes His... Read more
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lamb-like characteristic

Flexibility is being open to change. You consider others' ideas and feelings and don't insist on your own way. Flexibility enables you to be creative and discover new ways to get things done. You easily drop things that become a hindrance and adopt new ones. Flexibility helps you to keep changing for the better.

Behold, I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.1 Corinthians 15:51-52

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