Being In God, Is Being In Love

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Being In God, Is Being In Love

22 Apr 2018 12:39 pm - Permalink | short:
Being In God, Is Being In Love

I have experienced God's presence of absolute, undying love and majestic virtue, in absolute supernatural power and glory, and I have learned, through many years of trials, tribulations and heartbreak, that there is only one, true love for everyone, and that is the absolute, true love of God.

You can't get true love from anyone else, for God IS true love and true love can only come from Him. Without God, there is no true love and without true love, there is no virtue.

Likewise, without virtue, that is, without absolute commitment, compassion, confidence, consideration, cooperation, courtesy, diligence, flexibility, forgiveness, gentleness, graciousness, honesty, honor, humility, integrity, loyalty, peacefulness, reliability, respect, self-discipline, thankfulness, trustworthiness, truthfulness or understanding, etc., then what true love you think you have, will die.

For the characteristics (fruit) of the divine nature of absolute, true love, is absolute, majestic virtuousness (righteousness).

For example, my wife began to backslide away from virtuousness and began to party with her non-believing friends, getting drunk, swearing, gossiping, etc. I tried to warn her she was hanging around the wrong people and heading down the wrong path, yet she just called me the "fun police" and thought I was trying to control her. Yet all I did, was be truthful from true love, for true love is always truthful, even if others hate your for it, because truth does hurt. It pricks and wounds the pride, vanity and selfish ambition of self, the ego and pride ALWAYS reacts negatively and ungraciously.

She kept going down that path, until she eventually left me for a non-believing, worldly man. Though it came as no great shock to me, for God began telling me should would, long before it happened.

Though not only did she commit adultery, but she spiralled into prostitution, in order to satisfy her lust, desire for creature comforts and in order to survive.

That's what happens when you don't listen to the voice of true love (God) and His characteristic virtues, but the voice of your instinctual nature and its characteristic pride, vanity, selfish ambition, lust, desire for creature comforts and/or fear for survival.

There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.Proverbs 14:12

Yes, the world reinforces the lie, that it's good and right to follow your instincts, but if you do, it will lead to death. The death of true love, the death of virtue and the eternal damnation of your soul, to spend eternity in the realm and reality of absolutely no love or virtue (hell), and not in the eternal presence, realm and reality of absolute love and virtue (heaven).

For God will not allow anyone to enter His eternal presence, realm and reality of absolute, true love, who is not absolutely surrendered to Him and allows their every thought, word and deed, to be governed and dictated by His absolute, true love and virtuousness, otherwise, all hell would break loose, and that's just divine, common sense.

by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.2 Peter 1:4

His love is so mighty, that when it comes upon you in absolute, supernatural power and glory, it flows through every fibre of your being, with such unrelenting, unreserved and unadulterated power, passion and purpose, that it literally flows through every pore of your body and makes you a fountain of eternal life, love and youth.

The virtuousness of His love, is so majestic, that it transforms every aspect of your character, in the blink of an eye and makes you feel like a king and a perfect gentleman, beyond anything you could ever imagine, and His true love's holiness, peacefulness, gracefulness and graciousness, is so absolute, that it is pure, heavenly bliss and there can be absolutely, no greater bliss than His absolute, undying, majestic love.

But life is worth nothing, unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus, the work of telling others the Good News about God's mighty love and graceActs 20:24


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