Nobody's Perfect

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Nobody's Perfect

10 Jul 2020 4:30 pm - Permalink | short:
Nobody's Perfect

If nobody's perfect and the world's not perfect, how can we possibly know what perfect is? If it exists? Why we strive for it as individuals and a civilization?

I've been blessed with the experience of the supernatural presence of God's divine nature of absolute, undying, perfect, true love (Holy Ghost), that flowed through every fibre of my being, like a mighty, rushing river, and true love's characteristic, majestic virtuousness, that completely transformed my character and made me feel like a king. If you ask me how I know it was God? My answer is, beyond the shadow of any doubt.

"Reflecting on the fact that I have a mind full of doubts and that as such I am not perfect, I then wondered where I'd learned to think of something more perfect than myself and realised that it was impossible for me to imagine something that is not only more perfect than I am, but is so perfect in knowledge as to be beyond any and all doubt. As doubt is then an obvious flaw in my nature and as it is manifestly impossible for the less perfect to imagine from nothing, something that is more perfect, then the very idea of it must have been placed in me by a nature which was in reality more perfect than me and which has within itself all the perfections I could ever imagine, that is to say, in a single word, God."Rene Descartes

The very first thing God said to me was, "I just want to be a perfectly natural part of your every thought, word and deed."

What He meant was, that He wanted my every thought to come from the divine nature of absolute, true love and be expressed in my every word and deed, with absolute, majestic virtuousness. Though to make me truly ready, willing and ABLE to do that, He had to put me through many years of many trials, tribulations, visions, revelations and supernatural encounters, to cleanse (debrainwash) me of the instinctual, egocentric nature of my flesh and every spot of its characteristic pride, vanity, envy, selfishness, ambition, lust, greed, desire for creature comforts and fear for survival, along with every blemish in my mind, of worldly cares, concerns, desires, hopes and dreams. In short, every trace of that which does not come from absolute, true love and majestic virtuousness, and every dark shadow of doubt and thoughts that have their Source In Negativity (SIN), by having me forsake all and go through the winepress and the mill.


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