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While comments are welcomed and encouraged, there are some guidlines we follow:

In all love, it's about our thoughts, words and deeds being governed and ruled by the virtuous characteristics of true love.

It's just divine, common sense, that if you comment on any posts on this site, you think before you write.

Any comments that contain language or concepts that could be deemed offensive and/or include abusive, threatening, pornographic, offensive, profane, misleading or libelous language, etc., are not of true love or virtuous and will be removed.

Comments that attack anyone directly or indirectly or harass other posters will be also be removed.

Whether you believe in God or not, it's all about behaving like a civilised human being, not a sinful (negative), instinctual beast.

Anonymous comments will be removed. Only comments from posters who identify themselves will be accepted. This helps to prevent trolls, who can then be "knocked off the bridge"

In all love reserves the right to edit or remove any comments submitted to the blog without notice. This comment policy can, but isn't likely to change at any time.