The Extraordinarily Ordinary Man Of God

He's An Ordinary Man who's experienced extraordinary things and while he may have his head above the clouds, he's very down to earth!

When God's holy presence came upon me, in absolute, supernatural power and glory, He told me very clearly, that before I could walk in His divine presence of absolute love and virtuousness, I had to be made absolutely humble and brought into the full understanding of the truth, the way and the life (the true way of life) in His eternal presence, realm and reality of absolute love and virtue.

Now this is of course, absolutely true for anyone who truly wants to have eternal life and dwell in His eternal presence, realm and reality of absolute love and when you truly come to know the one, true, living God of true love intimately and the true way of eternal life in His eternal presence, realm and reality (kingdom) of absolute, true love, you'll find that it's all just perfectly natural, in a supernatural kind of way, and extraordinarily ordinary.

Eliminate The Negative

SIN, equals thoughts, words and deeds that have their Source In Negativity and many there are that are full of its darkness

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Everyday Witches

You don't have to be called a witch, to perform witchcraft. The vast majority of people do it every day, without realising they're doing it

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Knocking On Brick Walls

Pride is the greatest barrier to true love and there's just no getting through to some people

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Legal Eagles

Anyone can go to Bible College and transform themselves into a minister of righteousness. But that's not God's way of training His shepherds

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No People Pleasers

Flattery will get you nowhere with God. In fact, it will do you more harm than good

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Flap In Thongs

The Holy Spirit, is the divine, supernatural presence of God's true nature and characteristics of absolute, undying, virtuous love and as such, He only speaks the language of love, not babbling gibberish

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No Love, No God

It's one thing to talk great, swelling words from what you think you know, and quite another to truly live by them. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words

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Blood Vessels

God IS love and love is not religious, He is absolutely virtuous. Absolutely holy, peaceful, graceful, gracious, humble and wise, etc.

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League of True Love
The Wheat and the Tares