Knocking On Brick Walls

Knocking On Brick Walls

I actually had this conversation with a Pastor and in the fulfilment of scripture (not just talking about it), God has had me play a part (and now you), in the fulfilment of Luke 14:16-35, and I've heard every excuse under the sun, from people's instinctual nature and its characteristic pride, vanity, selfish ambition, lust, desire for creature comforts and fear for survival, that deafens and blinds them to it, and this is the invitation.

Come out of the world altogether and all together, to live for love (God) with all your heart, mind, body and soul (absolutely), according to His true love's absolute holiness, peacefulness, gracefulness and graciousness, with absolute equanimity, humility and cooperativeness, without the slightest care in the world and like little child-at-heart, though far from childish.

When everyone stands before the Lord, for the judgement of their character, He won't care how many scriptures anyone managed to memorise and can recite off the top of their head, like a parrot. Or how many mysteries they think they managed to solve or how many good works they did, etc.

He only has eyes for what's in your heart and whether your character comes from the absolutely virtuous characteristics (fruit) of God's divine nature, of absolute, true love, or whether it comes from the instinctual nature's characteristics of pride, vanity, selfishness, lust, desire for creature comfort and/or fear for survival.

Life is like a box of chocolatesForrest Gump

Yes Forrest, that's so true. A little bird told me so... for while we all may appear the same, some have hard (proud, stubborn) heads and stone cold hearts and some are soft and warm.